How Does Pre Orders and Coming Soon Work? 

All pre-ordered items are charged at checkout. We give an estimate time of all pre orders in the product pages. Estimate of arrival of pre orders are always subject to change which is out of control. The causes will be delayed by our distributors, held in customs or damages. You will be updated on any changes to your pre order as we aim to give the best customer service. If the item has not come by the estimate date, you will be notified straight away on an update of arrival. We strive to get orders quickly and shipped out as soon as possible. 


We don’t offer pre orders for Funko. We don’t believe customers money should be tied in a product where we don’t have control on stock numbers and shipping from our distributions abroad. As most of our stock comes abroad, these distributors can get their cancellations from Funko itself and limited amount of stock. There is also the idea the package can get stuck in customs or even lost when on the way to us. We have seen many stores and experienced it ourself where many stores have not fulfilled pre orders to the customer and not kept them updated at all.

When you see the words ‘coming soon’ on the product page it means we have secured stock from our distributor but the product is still enroute to us. When the product arrives at our warehouse then it will go live on the website. This will enable quick shipping from us to you and no waiting around. Please use the notify me button to get alerts when the stock is live!


We offer pre -orders for TCG. This is because our distributor is from the UK. We never oversell our pre orders. If you order contains a in stock and pre order items, the item will safely be stored in our warehouse until everything is ready to be dispatched. If you want in stock items we suggest you make a separate order to your pre orders. As some pre-orders can take up to 1-2 months to come into our possession. If you have accidently ordered in stock items with your pre orders please reach out to us if you want your in stock items now. This will cost £3.99 extra for delivery on your in stock items.

Introducing Our Reserve List

Reserve list is a our new way for collectors to reserve some exclusive Funko Pop! for free. It is like  a pre order but we don’t take any payments up front.

It means our stock is secured and we are waiting for them to be delivered to our warehouse.

We will list a few quantities of Funko pops giving the chance for people to securely reserve them for nothing. Then later once they reach our warehouse we will send those customers a payment link from our store by email where they will have up to 72 hours to pay. We will put a story up on our social media for people to know payment links are sent in case they have missed it on their e-mails. If not paid then it will be listed on the site for sale to the public.

Don’t worry if you missed the reserved list. We will always hold some of our stock back for customers to purchase once they are live on our website! Remember to sign up for notifications to receive a message once they are live!

The reason we don’t take any payment upfront is because these are shipped from abroad. We never know what condition the item will come,  delays that will occur or even the parcel going missing.